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The common reasons for modern divorces

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2020 | divorce |

Divorces occur with frequency in family courts across the United States. Some may wonder why many Illinois marriages end in dissolution. Research studies reveal information about the causes. Those looking for answers can review reports about the common reasons for divorce.

The most common reason appears to be dissatisfaction. Essentially, one or both spouses becomes unhappy with the union. Often, one spouse may find his or her partner’s behavior becomes intolerable. Bad habits and attitudes can become difficult to handle, and if a partner doesn’t change his or her negative behaviors, divorce may become unavoidable.

Incompatibility also factors into a high number of divorces. Differences in, say, education, careers and personal beliefs may create significant wedges.

Divorce does occur a great deal in the United States. More than 40% of first-time marriage break up. Third-time marriages experience a divorce rate of more than 70%. Such high figures were not always the case. Circa 1970, spouses needed a substantial reason for a divorce. Today, the concept of no-fault divorce eliminates the need for proof of domestic violence or adultery for a dissolution. Irreconcilable differences may be enough. That said, domestic violence and infidelity do rank high among reasons for divorces.

Research reveals some other causes. Constant fighting and quarreling can make a union untenable. Few people would like to live in a household where bickering remains commonplace. The environment often proves mentally unhealthy.

Financial problems can ruin a marriage too. If one spouse amasses tremendous debts, his or her significant other may want out of such a fiscally ruinous union. A person may worry about retirement and the future, and his or her partner’s poor financial discipline could ruin an individual’s retirement plans.

A family law attorney could advise a client about the necessary steps involved in a divorce. A lawyer might come up with different approaches to the division of marital assets based on current law. An attorney may discuss feasible amounts of alimony and child support as well as petition for sole child custody on his or her client’s behalf.