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Peace Of Mind May Be
Closer Than You Think

With more than 30 years of experience, we are prepared to guide you through today’s troubling problems and help you reach a better tomorrow.

For everyone’s safety, Schaffer Family Law, Ltd. continues to operate remotely. Nonetheless, we remain “open for business” during our regular hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and as always, can be contacted by telephone, video conference, text, or email. Please tell us how we can help you.


Family Law

Whatever family law problem you face, we are here to guide you to a better tomorrow.



Divorce is a difficult process, but can be much easier to bear with guidance from an experienced lawyer.


Child Custody/ Child Support

We are here to protect your parental rights and the best interests of your children.


International Custody /Kidnapping

We have extensive experience handling child custody disputes that cross international borders.

An Established Illinois And International Family Law Attorney


At Schaffer Family Law, Ltd., we provide experienced family law guidance and strong representation to clients in Naperville and Chicago and throughout surrounding Illinois communities. We also handle child custody matters that cross state and international borders.

I am attorney David N. Schaffer, and with more than 36 years of experience, I am prepared to help you make the right decisions, while guiding you to the best possible outcome. If you are struggling with a divorce, a custody dispute or another family law issue, you have important decisions to make.

Meet Attorney David N. Schaffer

As the third child in a family filled with doctors, I have deep interest in helping people. I went with my father when he cared for sick people in our town. I saw the relief he brought to them simply by showing up.

As your attorney, I “show up” for you, too. Your case is what requires my focus and attention. And that’s what it will receive. In my family, we are very science-based when it comes to problem-solving. We want to know the facts in order to determine the solution and treatment. It is the same with your case. Knowing the facts, and the law, I can then determine what we need to “cure” or resolve the issue and attain your goals.

The law is based on facts. Taking an analytical, methodical and scientific approach is often what allows for progress, removes contention and fosters an efficient and effective solution.

Once I take your case, it is my job to ensure you are protected. Do not let my calm and pragmatic style in court mask the fact that I am passionate and fierce advocate for my clients.

To learn more about me and my professional qualifications, click on the link below.

When You Are Ready To Move Forward

When you are ready to move forward in resolving your Illinois family law issue or international family law issue, I and my dedicated staff are here for you. Contact us today online or by telephone at 630-922-4500 to arrange an initial consultation.