Experienced legal help is critical when thinking about divorce

| Apr 25, 2018 | divorce, firm news |

When deciding to get a divorce in Illinois, there will undoubtedly be many questions and concerns that people will have. Such issues as allocation of parental responsibilities, formerly known as child custody, child support, alimony, how the division of marital assets will be handled and more will all come to the forefront. To ensure that every aspect of the case is addressed, it is imperative to have legal assistance from an experienced divorce attorney from the start.

Some marriages involve significant assets and marital property. When this is the case, the division of assets might be in dispute. An attorney can explain how the law views marital property and individual property that was accrued prior to the marriage. Even in situations in which there is not a great deal of property at stake, there could be a home and an automobile that must be dealt with. With children, the situation takes on greater urgency.

These issues can lead to disputes that can grow into a contentious proceeding. If there is common ground, a lawyer may help find it. If there are factors that cannot be negotiated, then it is wise to have experienced legal help to get through it. In a best-case scenario, a divorce will be amicable enough that the parties can discuss their issues, reach a consensus and move on. If, however, it is difficult or outright acrimonious, then it is even more vital to have legal help. Court intervention is not always needed to settle a case, but if it is, having a qualified and aggressive litigator is critical.

A divorce can be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. Compounding the emotional upheaval are the financial and personal issues that inevitably arise. To ensure that complex issues are covered and people are protected in a divorce, getting the right information can be a crucial first step.