5 Apps That Help Divorced Parents

| Dec 20, 2017 | divorce, firm news |

5 apps that help

  • Text to Email: Not everyone wants to take a screen shot of every text. Look into these apps to avoid this. Email my Texts, Print text messages and Relay Me. You may want to time stamp your communication as well so there is a record of when the message was sent and received.
  • Our Family Wizard (OFW): A best bet for parents who do not always agree. The best feature is a setting that allows third party access to the correspondence- such as a coordinator, therapist or judge. It also has a ToneMeter which has been called an “emotional spell checker” which not only catches errors but also offers options. The annual subscription fee gets you a calendar, messaging platform, expense tracker and a journal.
  • Google Calendar: This free app is simple, easy to use and widely accessible. If you simply need to share a joint calendar so that you what is scheduled on a day-to-day basis this may be the one that works for you. Google Docs and Google Drive are good places to communicate with your ex about what is happening at school or the kids’ extracurricular activities
  • SupportPay: Having a tough time keeping track of expenses? This app helps parents reconcile child support and medical expenses.
  • Artkive: Who gets the kids’ artwork? Now you can save, share and post artwork. Parents who like to de-clutter like this app.

Technology to the rescue

Technology can increase communication effectiveness, accuracy and speed. While this is not a comprehensive list it might help you get started on finding the app that works for your family. Good communication between parents often results in better relationships all around.