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When child custody matters rear their ugly head, some parents get it in their head to take their child or children somewhere else — usually to another jurisdiction — because they believe they will get a more favorable arrangement from another judge. Thankfully, there are laws in the United States (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act) and internationally ( the Hague Convention) that make it easier for left-behind parents to enforce child custody orders in other jurisdictions, including other countries, and see to it that their child or children are returned.

Unfortunately, when it comes to international child custody matters, the Hague Convention has not been signed by every country, meaning those countries do not have to abide by the promise of the Convention to honor the child custody laws of other nations. Making matters worse is the fact that even signatory nations may not fully adhere to provisions in the Convention, effectively “going rogue” and creating safe havens for parents who have abducted their children.

Rogue nations in international child custody matters don’t just create potentially complex legal situations; they threaten the integrity of a family and a parent’s rights. At Schaffer Family Law, Ltd., we understand the sensitive nature of these types of cases as well as the importance of getting a child back quickly and safely.

Attorney David N. Schaffer has successfully represented clients here in the U.S. and in other countries and is considered one of the leading attorneys who handles family child abduction cases.

Child Kidnapping Can Start With Simple Travel Plans

Not all cases of child abduction happen in the dead of night. Separated or divorced parents may use travel plans to see family and friends in other countries as a guise to get a child out of the country. Unbeknownst to the left-behind parent, his or her ex has no intention of returning the child.

If you suspect your ex-partner’s international travel plans may not be what they seem, then contact our law firm right away. We can work with and provide government entities with information they can use to stop a child abduction before it happens. If your ex has already traveled with your children, we can help you get in touch with foreign agencies that may be able to detain your ex until you can secure an order for your child’s return.

Experienced Counsel You Can Count on

Our firm truly believes in doing what’s best for children when parents divorce or separate, but we know this can be marred by parents — and rogue nations — that take the law into their own hands. For more than 38 years, attorney David N. Schaffer has been fighting for the rights of left-behind parents in international child custody cases. He understands the intricacies of the law, what’s at stake and what needs to be done to reunite parents with their children.

When handling cases involving rogue nations, our lawyer will use his extensive understanding of the Hague Convention and the legal process and his connections with government entities to file Hague petitions and set hearing dates, all in an effort to protect your rights and obtain justice.

Dedicated Advocates Fighting for Your Children

International disputes of any nature are highly complex because they involve legal systems of both the United States and foreign nations. If you are in a custody dispute with a parent abroad, you will want a dedicated lawyer fighting for justice on your behalf. Schaffer Family Law, Ltd., can provide you with the advocacy you need.

From our Naperville office, we represent clients throughout Illinois, across the nation and around the world. If you would like to speak with our experienced international family law attorney, call us at 630-922-4500 or contact us online. Initial consultations to discuss the details of your case are available upon request.

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