Don’t face international child custody issues alone

Parental child abduction is the worst nightmare for many separated and divorced parents. No one wants their children taken far away without permission. And if they are taken to a foreign country, there may be issues of different laws and languages as well.

Not too long ago, we described how lawyers can help parents whose children have been abducted to a foreign country. Many countries are signatories to the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction. There are processes in place to assist parents whose children have been abducted to a signatory country. Regardless of whether a country is signatory to the Hague Convention or not, it may be possible to secure the return of children through legal or political processes.

A strong child custody lawyer can be essential to parents dealing with international custody issues. Attorney David N. Schaffer is an experienced international custody lawyer. He has successfully represented clients all over the world with their international custody disputes. He has the skills to navigate the laws of many nations and to negotiate and litigate cases on behalf of his clients.

David can provide advice and representation to those dealing with international child abduction. This includes parents whose children were abducted to a foreign country, those from overseas whose children were abducted to this country, and parents who have been accused of child abduction. The offices of Schaffer Family Law, Ltd. are located in Naperville, and we can be reached by telephone or online to schedule an initial consultation. Our website’s international child abduction page has more information on the services we provide.

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