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The common reasons for modern divorces

Divorces occur with frequency in family courts across the United States. Some may wonder why many Illinois marriages end in dissolution. Research studies…

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Family law and organizing visitation with a newborn in Illinois

Illinois parents whose relationship has ended will need to consider how to handle child-related issues. This can encompass who has custody and what…

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Is there a silver lining in staying home together?

Depending on your personality, commute time and profession, you may enjoy the opportunity to work from home. Unfortunately, whether you sleep in, stay…

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Apps that make co-parenting easier

Keeping your kids’ schedules straight when you’re married can be a challenge. When you and your spouse separate, things get 10 times more…

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Schaffer Family Law, Ltd. ranked one of U.S. News – Best Lawyers

Virtually every town in the nation has representation ready to help families navigate their unique challenges, draft business documents or seek favorable results…

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Technology could be divulging your secrets in a divorce

You use technology to make your life easier, but in the wrong hands, it can also be used to hurt you. If you…

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Divorce can bring a roller coaster of emotions

At our law firm, we have years of experience that give us insight into the full range of emotions our clients go through…

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Will you need a QDRO or QILDRO in your divorce?

Suppose you and your divorcing spouse have reached your final settlement agreement. You’ve made arrangements to allocate parenting time and responsibility. You’ve determined…

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Don’t face international child custody issues alone

Parental child abduction is the worst nightmare for many separated and divorced parents. No one wants their children taken far away without permission.…

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How do states’ child custody laws handle parental relocations?

Parents in Illinois may be concerned that, in a custody dispute, the other parent may relocate with the child to another state and…

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